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Re: Happy May Day!

Love the flashlights -- Love everything you make.

How about:


Re: Bread Dough Attachments

Very clever idea!

Re: New life for this GREAT chair:)

Another great job. Good eye!

Re: Vintage dresser-vanity re-do

Great Job! I especially like the drawers hung on the wall.

Re: How to Make Corn Crib Roof Trees

FAB! Absolutely over the top. Now where do I find corn crib roofing>?

Re: Junk Holiday Part 2

I would use the cart for the bottom of a coffee table. Love all of your stuff!

Re: Bookends

What a clever use of old sewing machines! Thanks for the idea.

Re: TV Console needs help!

I would make it into a pie safe. Gut the insides -- make shelves for the pies/storage. Take out front panels and use chicken wire for inserts. I would then place on top of a buffet painted same color (perhaps a colonial blue) to make them worked together. Whatever you decide on please post and show us the results. Good Luck.

Re: ~ Megaphone Vase~

Love your idea! Had the same megaphone a couple of weeks ago and I made it into a cheerleader lamp. Turned out adorable.

Re: In the Mail

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jealous! Just love this piece and hope I luck into one just like it. Love the legs -- so clever!

Re: Use for quilt tops

Great ideas! I see unfinished quilt tops at tag sales and now know some nifty ideas on how to put them to good use - thanks to you!

Re: Abandoned Factory Lighting

Jim -- I love all of your "junky" stuff and this is no exception. Keep up the great work!


Love, Love, Love -- did I say Love -- the chairs!!!!
They would look awesome with seat covers made from cutter quilts :-)

Re: I need help with this one!

How about covering a lampshade with it -- round and round. Would look great in a young man's room. All of the other ideas are also fabulous!

Re: My shagalicious headboard. Don't try this at home, kids!

Love it! The headboard looks real "man-ly" and would look great in a teen's room. But who has that much time on their hands! Your ideas are great -- keep them coming.

Re: Vintage Doorknob Curtain Tiebacks

Awesome idea! I just love old, french-looking items and this fits the bill. Thank you for the directions.

Re: Most say "a table", I'm thinking lamps !

I am with you! Make lamps. I cannot wait to see them -- I know they will be Awesome.

Re: Vintage Valentine Fun

Awesome, Adorable! The bottle caps are the perfect accent.

Re: Pretty Things

Awesome! Love it. The frame is beautiful. How did you get everything to stay in place without slipping?

Re: Photo Finish

Awesome. Really, really love this idea. I have to have a cool piece of junk like this one -- So off to the thrift stores, flea markets and dumpsters. Hope I get junk lucky!

Re: Nesting Bird Server

Christina_S this is upscale art! Wonderful imagination. I just brought a pair of bird salt and pepper shakers. Now I will look through my stash for some dishes and candlesticks. I just LOVE this idea!

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Jenny, thanks for the great idea. I usually don't even look at old trophies, but now I will. "One man's junk is a woman's treasure". This is "cream of the crop" junk! Love it, Love it, Love it....

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

Jenny, Wow this is awesome creativity - plus gives us novices a great idea. Thank you for the work of art. Andy Warhol would give you a thumb up!

Re: Just Fakin' a Cake

Love the idea. You are right on the mark as faux food is the in thing now. How about something for valentine's day or St. Pat's? Just a junking thought......

Re: canoe seat coffee table

Absolutely fab! Love it! You are very clever to use the canoe seats. I have been looking for something to use as shelving - now I will look for canoe parts. Thanks for the great idea.

Re: Let the music move you!

MUSIC to my ears! Love it!

Re: Coffee With The Lovely Ladies-Raffle fundraiser donation for Cancer Clinics in Antelope Valley, CA

Love your teacup and book lamp. HOT, HOT, HOT!

Re: Clean-up that Yard With a Little Junk!

Absolutely love these adorable sinks. They would also look great on a fence. I am on the lookout!