How to Make a Metal Basket Planter

March 15th, 2019 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Lily couldnt be less interested in the planter we just built together. And to think I thought we were spending quality time together!
The junk and other stuff. One vintage metal basket, one three foot length of cocoa mat found at a garden center, one twenty inch round cocoa mat, 4 large mouth pieces (I think they might be from tubas), one small mouth piece, a scissors or clipper, some twine, a trowel, potting soil, some Gorilla Glue Epoxy, a dog, and a lovely afternoon.
Squirt the Gorilla Glue Epoxy into a disposable container and mix er up!
Apply epoxy where shown. This part of the mouth piece will rest on the metal around the holes in the bottom of the basket.
Slip the four mouth pieces into holes on bottom of basket. I love the fact that you dont have to drill! The holes also provide the neccessary drainage. Another good thing is that you dont have to worry about cutting the mouth pieces as the cocoa mat and dirt will cover them.
The mouth pieces make stunning and sturdy legs. They lift the basket off the ground just enough to allow the soil to drain nicely.
Measure the height and circumference of the basket and cut the mat to fit.
Slip in the matt that covers the sides of basket first and then drop in the round matt to cover bottom.
Wrap twine aroud the basket for a decorative accent.
Tie on the smaller mouth piece to add the coolness factor.
The mouth piece up close! Please ignore the grass!
Lily is liking it a little better now that she has had her good girl treat and has found a comfy place to sit.
Lily couldnt be less interested in the planter we just built together. And to think I thought we were spending quality time together!

Lily couldn't be less interested in the planter we just built together. And to think I thought we were spending quality time together!

Yet another one of my Anoka treasures finds a new job. A metal basket put  together with some groovy mouth pieces provides a home for some beautiful, flowering summer plants!

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Comments (17)

stpaulgirl7 writes: I think that metal planter would sure look nice in my St Paul Back yard. I have to check out making one. chris Posted: 12:55 pm on May 31st
suewhitney writes: Hi Mschuey2,

I'm glad you enjoyed the project. The tuba mouthpieces were the one thing I did not find in Minnesota of the stuff you saw in my earlier post. They are from Texas. I do find them routinely however and typically get good deals because people are not quite sure what to do with them without their horn! Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and antique stores. You can also search on Ebay. The place I went shopping in Anoka is fabulous. It is call the The French Flea, An Occasional Market Place located on Main Street. This is the type of place you just may discover things like thes mouthpieces. I recommend you check it out the next time they are open! Hope this helps.

Take Care,
Sue Posted: 10:18 am on May 30th
mschuey2 writes:

I love the tuba mouth pieces what a find!
Do tell where is the treasure trove in Anoka that you came across them?
I can get to Anoka from Buffalo with out to much road construction:.)
Great job on the planter can't wait to see the next masterpiece
you and the pooch will create Posted: 8:04 am on May 30th
JANSON writes: awesome ! Posted: 11:23 pm on May 27th
suewhitney writes: Thanks, all! Sometimes you know exactly what you are going to do with something and sometimes you have to live with it for awhile. Either way, if you love a piece, eventually you will come up with a great re-purpose or project. Lani...I'm working on another re-purpose with a piece of junk I bought from you. Thanks for the good junk!

Happy Junking!
Sue Posted: 10:59 am on May 26th
OldBarnRescue writes: Love the use of the old mouth pieces! Beautiful and clever! Posted: 10:08 am on May 24th
UrbanFarmhouse writes: Love this...great industrial look. Posted: 10:09 pm on May 23rd
junkermidge writes: Love this project! And I agree with the others, your photos are always so helpful and enjoyable.
Midge Posted: 10:45 am on May 23rd
JunkArchitect writes: That is one great industrial looking planter you built
Suzy Q. Your lawn looks like a golf course compared to mine.

Jim Posted: 10:51 pm on May 22nd
fellowjunker writes: Absolutely beautiful!!!
xojanis Posted: 10:56 am on May 22nd
MimiToria writes: Wow Sue. You are scoring this week in the junkers project ratings. This is another very original, beyond cool and so creative of a project. Love how you created the feet out of the mouth pieces, the instructions for the cocoa mat useage, etc. were all wonderful and easy to follow. The photos of course were great too. What a cool planting you now have.
Gretchen Posted: 9:38 am on May 22nd
Designcafe writes: Love the planter, very industrial look, which I love,
you're very creative with the junk! Thanks for last Sat. jp
Posted: 8:39 am on May 22nd
alicemom writes: Gosh Sue now I'm not sure which I like better. The traveling bar would be needed for this project. The feet wowie zowie!
Your pictures are sooooo good! Thank goodness your instruction are just as swell!
Alice Posted: 10:56 pm on May 21st
CottageElements writes: Okay, Sue, both these new projects were totally awesome, and creative! And I don't know if you knew, but both pieces were originally mine! And dang, I just wish I would have thought of them first!! Love how you used the mouth pieces as feet. When I saw them in your other post I thought they were so cool! Never thought to use them as feet! You are such a clever girl!

Lani Posted: 8:05 pm on May 21st
georgiamoon writes: Sue this is a super cool planter. I love the holes in the bottom, the feet you used, and the cocoa mat is perfect for a large weave basket...better than moss for sure! Your photos are great and your instructions are, as usual, entertaining and informative. Way to go, another great plant project, Georgia Posted: 5:46 pm on May 21st
monakent writes: What a GREAT idea, using mouth pieces for legs!!! Although I am creative, I doubt I would have ever thought of doing the same thing. Thanks for sharing with us. LOVE the photos (as always). They are a great help. So now I want to find me a basket like yours and some mouth pieces..... yeah, like that's gonna happen!!!! Guess I'd best start looking.... gailmarie Posted: 4:02 pm on May 21st
oldtoysrock903 writes: love this! the mouth pieces! great use of those, they are so cool. you are on the ball today! didn't you just get this thingy this morning? haha... the dog was a big help i am sure. thanks for sharing, beautiful plants as well. Posted: 2:45 pm on May 21st
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